Melissmell Ecoute s'il pleut

Melissmell- Ecoute s'il pleut

(Discograph / EAN 3722426915953 / AL!VE)                         Veröffentlichung: 18. November 2011

Achtung! Dies ist ein Debut!

Melissmell trifft uns mit der vollen Kraft ihrer Stimme und sie kreiert eine verheißungsvolle Melange aus der Wildheit und Freiheit grosser französischer Dichterkunst und der nötigen Portion Rock'n'Roll – Haltung, die endlich wieder einmal aufhorchen läßt. Es 'brennt' hier förmlich.

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Video 'Les Enfants de la crise'    - auch als special Radioedit mp3 verfügbar. 

Videolinks 'Auix Armes' / Sobre La Muerte / Sens ma fatigue:

Melissmell is, above all, a voice.

A voice that sends shivers of lucidity down your spine. A voice that is in turn innocent and critical. That sense of innocence probably stems from her childhood in the Ardèche region, where she drew the inspiration for her name, one that sums her up so well: “my Grandmother would always tell me that mélisse (or lemon balm) was a cure for women’s ailments.”

To that magic plant she has added the dash of rock’n’roll that permeates all of her songs.

For Melissmell is a sound.

A sound that is somewhere between simple little ditties and realist chanson, between electric anthems and a passion for meaningful, lyric-based music that makes France the home of a whole spectrum of liberties. Her songs carry traces of Baudelaire the melancholic poet, Ferré the anarchist, Brel the moving actor, as well as Bertrand Cantat, a seriously tormented soul. Her poppier influences also include Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins’ atypical and twisted frontman…

Melissmell is also an itinerary.

A very winding path, and yet it sums up the destiny mapped out in her genes. “My mum says I could sing before I could talk.” Never mind detours, they only make the goal that much more worthwhile. Between her fifteenth and twentieth birthdays, she tried her hand at graphic design, painting and sales in order to make her own records, design her own sets and do her own promotion.

With all that under her belt, she made her way alone to Lille, then on to Paris to look for musicians. She went wherever singing took her, nothing would stand in her way. After years of wandering, she settled down in Strasbourg where she found her musical family, in the shape of Stefano Bonacci on guitar and Thomas Nicol – who had long been playing with Aldebert – on cello. With them, she was able to let her beautiful idiosyncrasies shine through. Concerts, festivals, opening for Pep’s during his 2009 tour, she was back in Paris to perform at the Trois Baudets after appearing at the "Alors Chante" festival in Montauban (they invited her back again the following year), where she received the second Audience Award. And then she hit the road again, tirelessly.

In April 2010, with Stefano and Thomas, Melissmell locked herself in the Davout studio for two months. Laurent Jaïs (Manu Chao, Brigitte Fontaine...) was at the helm, in charge of production. As for the lyrics, Mel dipped into her repertoire, re-wrote, composed, added a touch of lightness to her rage, as “anger never conveys anything. With irony, on the other hand... I learnt that from Brel.” As for the music, a string quartet joined the trio, with Thomas in charge of arrangements. The band expanded with the arrival of Hugo Cechosz (Grande Sophie, Eiffel...) on bass, Philippe Entressangle (Etienne Daho, JP Nataf...) on drums and Matu (Indochine, Frères Misères...) on piano; Seb Martel (-M-‘s guitarist) also brought some riffs to one of the tracks (Les Enfants de la Crise).

Together, they paint the portrait of an early 21st century woman, straddling both sincere commitment and sensitivity, lucidity and romanticism, sweetness and violent passion.

This debut album is entitled "Ecoute s'il pleut" (listen for the rain). It is a prelude to many other stories…