Terri Lyne Carrington the mosaic project

Terri Lyne Carrington - The Mosaic Project
Concord/inakustik 08033016                                                  Veröffentlichung: 19. August 2011

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Rein weibliches Top Projekt, mit einigen der prominentesten weiblichen (Jazz)-Künstlerinnen:

Dee Dee Bridgewater (Vocals) / Nona Hendrix (Vocals) / Carmen Lundy (Vocals) / Dianne Reeves (Vocals) / Cassandra Wilson (Vocals) / Esperanza Spalding (Vocals & Bass) / Geri Allen (Piano) / Shelia E (Percussion) u.a.


07. Juli in Stuttgart Interviewmöglichkeit
12:00 – 14:00h
09. Juli in Hamburg Interviewmöglichkeit 14:00 – 16:00h

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Seit mehr als zwei Jahrzehnten hat sich die Schlagzeugerin, Produzentin und Sängerin Terri Lyne Carrington eine Marke im Jazz erarbeitet, welches die Elemente Bebop, Soul, Funk und vieles mehr verbindet. Seit ihrem Debüt im Jahr 1989 steht die GRAMMY-nominierte Künstlerin im Ruf, Formationen von Künstlern unterschiedlicher Stilrichtungen und Blickwinkel zusammen zu stellen. Obwohl sie sich an die Traditionen des Jazz hält, wird ein viel breiteres und vielfältigeres Publikum angesprochen.

Gerade diese diverse Sensibilität zeigt Terri Lyne Carrington auf ihrem neuen Album 'The Mosaic Project'. Ein Album, welches eine Vielzahl von Stimmen zu einem facettenreichen Ganzen formt.


The Mosaic Project, Carrington’s fifth album overall and her first on Concord Jazz.

Everything about this recording is about making a larger picture out of many various elements,” says Carrington, who produced the 14-song set. “I assembled several friends – most of whom I’ve performed with in the past, and all of whom bring their own individual story – to help me create the big picture. For as talented as each of them are as individuals, when I put them all together, I have a much greater musical story – one that can be told in an interesting and compelling way.”

If I had tried to do something like this in the past – like when I started playing 25 years ago – I might have felt limited by the pool of available musicians,” she says. “But now there are so many talented women whom I’ve been playing with anyway – not just because they’re women but because I love the way they play. So it has become easier to do a special project that celebrates the artistry and the musicality of these women.”

Clearly, Carrington’s picture is never quite what it seems. With so many individual voices and perspectives in the mix, the results are often eye-opening and ear-opening. “There’s one part of me that’s kind of a jazz head who likes complex, thought provoking melodies and harmonies,” she says. “And then there’s another part of me that really likes funk and pop and things that are accessible. This record is another chance for me to assemble all of these great musicians to help me combine those different aspects of myself – those different pieces – and create something special in the process.