Veronica Mortensen

Veronica Mortensen -  I’m  The Girl               Veröffentlichung 4. Juni 2010

Stunt Records STUCD 10012 /Sunnymoon

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Video 'Julie'

Sie hat eine ganz besondere Stimme – prägnant und voller Energie - und sie singt mit einer Bigband.  Extrem erfrischende Musik eines furiosen Livekonzertes.




A charming, unaffected approach to a catchy repertoire of jazz, pop and plenty in between, has earned Veronica Mortensen a reputation as one of Denmark’s most popular female vocalists. She is a sensitive and diversified interpreter with rocksteady phrasing, and her pleasing voice and rhythmic swing are paired with a charisma that radiates from within. She is a vocalist anno 2010: though open to many different influences she prefers to be accompanied by jazz musicians.


I’M THE GIRL is Veronica Mortensen’s third solo release, and her first with a big band. Jesper Riis’ arrangements were written specially for Veronica and Klüver’s Big Band. Veronica has always been a welcome guest with this outstanding Danish big band, and for this recording, the line-up was augmented with two American legends: At the back of the stage, the sublime drummer Dennis Mackrel “leads” the band with his enormous musical authority. He owes his international fame to his work with Count Basie and others. Vibraphonist Dave Samuels is known for his latin-influenced textures and grooves with the jazz-fusion band Spyro Gyra. And of course there is Klüver’s Big Band, whose collectiveenergy and swinging dynamics are overwhelming.


“It is a great joy to have the opportunity to record a live concert”, says Veronica Mortensen. “It gives a completely different kind of energy – and especially with a big band! We had four days. Most of your work as a musician is done live on stage, so it feels good to show people what they can expect to hear at one of my concerts.”


Veronica is a popular vocalist with big bands across Europe in general, but her collaboration with Klüver’s Big Band is special to her. The first time she sang with the band was 15 years ago, when she was still a conservatory student. Back then it was the fulfillment of a long-nourished dream following many devoted nights in the audience. So Veronica was weaned by Klüver and his band – “at least as far as big band music goes! I’ve learned a lot from them and worked on many challenging projects like Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concerts, concerts with clarinetist Ken Peplowski, and now this recording with drummer Dennis Mackrel and vibraphonist Dave Samuels. Klüver’s positive approach to my singing, and his confidence in me, has always filled me with humility and gratitude, so I didn’t hesitate when he suggested this recording project.”

 The repertoire on I’M THE GIRL is a mixture of originals, standards and covers. The title track is a relatively unknown, but fantastic ballad from the 50’s, which Veronica fell in love with the first time she heard it.


Veronica Mortensen (voc), Dave Samuels (vib, marimba), Dennis Mackrel (d) + Klüver’s Big Band.


Chuck E’s In Love / All I’ve Seen / Busy / Make Sure You’re Sure / Sleepless / Julie /

Too Late / I’m The Girl / Not Just A Date.