Meat Loaf - Guilty Pleasure Live CD/DVD

MEAT LOAF – Guilty Pleasure Tour       Veröffentlichung: 5. Oktober 2012
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FORMAT: Colour, NTSC Region 0, DVD 9

AUDIO: DVD 2.0 & 5.1 - CD 2.0
# DISCS: 1 DVD & 1 CD
CD RUN TIME: 70 mins
DVD RUN TIME: 120 mins + 40 Min Bonus Documentary

Meat Loaf in Top-Form! Während seiner erfolgreichen Guilty Pleasure Tour wurde im November 2011 in Sydney, Australien, eine zweistündige Live-Show mit 15 Hi Definition Kameras aufgezeichnet. Meat Loaf spielte während des Konzertes seine größten Hits wie Bat Out Of Hell, You Took The Words, Anything For Love, Rocky Horror Show Medley und viele mehr. Eine 40-minütige Tour durch den Backstagebereich sowie ein Interview mit Meat Loaf sind ebenfalls auf dieser DVD zu sehen. Die beiliegende CD enthält die Aufnahmen dieses Konzertes.

Meat Loaf's Meilenstein Album 'Bat Out Of Hell' wurde 1977 veröffentlicht und hat über 43 Millionen Stück verkauft. Es bleibt damit bis heute auf Platz drei der meistverkauften Alben aller Zeiten!

No matter what you’re doing- whether you are onstage or doing a scene in a TV show or movie or singing a song, there is different techniques - but it all comes down to one thing - finding the truth in the moment.” - Meat Loaf.

Meat Loaf certainly requires no introduction, he burst onto the world music stage in 1977 with his landmark release Bat Out Of Hell, which transformed him from a stage actor into a rock ‘n’ roll icon. The album has sold more than 43 million copies worldwide and is the third biggest selling record of all time - 23 x Platinum status - and it still sells in excess of 200,000 copies a year.

Following Bat Out Of Hell came such masterpieces as 1981’s Dead Ringer, 1984’s Bad Attitude, and the Bat Out Of Hell sequels, 1993’s Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell and 2006’s Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose, not to mention 2010’s Hang Cool Teddy Bear. The 11 concert sell out tour of Australia and New Zealand was an enormous success and this DVD/CD delux edition celebrates the global phenomenon that is Meat Loaf.


Bonus Documentary:

Ever wonder what it takes to get Meat Loaf on the road? This ultimate backstage pass and access all area documentary is packed with interviews from those closest to Meat Loaf and of course from the man himself. Enjoy an exclusive look at the preparation, logistics and effort that goes into a tour of this scale and hear from Meat Loaf as he divulges what drives him on and keeps him hungry to entertain audiences around the world.

An 8-page full colour souvenir booklet featuring photographs and anecdotes from Meat Loaf including his brush with an American president, his early career and the truth behind his name.

Meat Loaf - vocals, Patti Russo -vocals, Paul Crook - guitars, John Miceli - drums, Randy Flowers - vocals, guitars,
David Luther - vocals, keyboard, saxaphone, Danny Miranda - vocals, bass guitar, Justin Avery - vocals, keyboards, piano,
Ginny Luke - vocals, keyboards, violin


DVD Track Listing:
1. Hot Patootie / Time Warp 2. If It Ain’t Broke, Break It 3. Bat Out Of Hell 4. Peace On Earth 5. Living On The Outside 6. Los Angeloser 7. You Took The Words 8. Rock And Roll Dreams 9. Stand In The Storm 10. Anything For Love 11. Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad 12. Paradise By The Dashboard Light 13. Boneyard / All Revved Up


CD Track Listing:
1. Hot Patootie / Time Warp 2. If It Ain’t Broke, Break It 3. Bat Out Of Hell 4. Peace On Earth 5. Los Angeloser 6. You Took The Words
7. Stand In The Storm 8. Anything For Love 9. Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad 10. Boneyard / All Revved Up

The Guilty Pleasure Tour DVD presents the most technologically advanced filming of a Meat Loaf concert ever captured. Utilizing 15 Hi-Def cameras, including 2 cranes and a dolly to capture the movement and energy, as well as stationary and remote cameras placed around the venue and onstage, the viewer will experience the performance almost as if they were on the stage themselves.

The viewer gets to see what he or she would normally never see from being in the audience,” - says Meat Loaf, who took a proactive involvement during the planning, filming and post-production of the video.

(They see) the hands, the fingers, the facial expressions, the intensities; those kinds of things. That is what we were going for, to make the DVD different than the live show. The viewer gets to live in a different world. “

The show was shot at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Australia, during a completely sold-out 10,000 seat arena on the singer’s 2011 tour.

Born Michael Lee Aday in Texas, Meat Loaf exploded on international music scene in 1977, with the release of his icon debut thematic album, Bat Out Of Hell, written by friend and colleague, Jim Steinman. Among the albums to define the arena rock genre, it has sold to date over 43 million copies, making it the fifth highest selling album of all time.

I only know one way. And that is: you either walk out on stage and give 110%, or you don’t. Those people that bought those tickets are more important than I am. They are the most important people in the world. They bought that ticket. What matters is what is going on in that audience and making sure they are getting what they paid for.” - Meat Loaf.